Technologies and Tactics Necessary for Every New Startup

What is the right technology or business tactics that you should employ to set your startup along the right path towards immediate and long term growth? See if these suggestions will help your small business find the right recipe for success.

Is Outsourcing the Right Option?

This is a highly debatable topic for new startup owners looking to grow and expand their business immediately. There are a wide variety of pros and cons that point to outsourcing for writing, web design, and web developing (coders).

For one-time immediate production needs, an outsourcing agency or freelancer may prove very… Read More

Top 7 Reasons to Buy An Xbox 360 Console

All you console gaming fans out there, sit up and take notice! If you already haven't gone out and bought yourself an Xbox 360 gaming console back in 2005, don't make yourselves wait anymore! You owe it to yourself to experience one of the best gaming devices available today. And though the Xbox One has also made a grand entrance in the market very recently, Microsoft isn't overlooking the older sibling between the two just yet. Even though the Microsoft Xbox 360 console is well on its way to turning nine, do not make… Read More

How to Create the Ultimate Home Theater

Building the ultimate entertainment experience culminates in perfecting the home theater. With incredible surround sound, super clear picture quality and cushy seating, a well constructed home entertainment room can totally beat any trip to the cinema downtown.

But, as points out, “building a killer home theater involves more than just throwing a big wad of cash at your local electronics dealer.” Instead there are many steps that go into the process, including:

-> Researching the right equipment for your space and style

-> Decorating

-> Scientific acoustic manipulation

-> Furniture selection

-> Technical engineering

If you are serious about… Read More

The Effects of the iPhone 5C and 5S to Apple, the Investors, and the Consumers

     courtesy of The Verge

With the upcoming release of the new iPhone 5 variants, investors are starting to feel more hopeful again, based on BRG’s report.  However, the same report said that this might be an early of jubilation, especially when the original variant’s performance was quite a disappointment.  How will the new variants fair on the market? Is it a wise investment or will it cause another financial slide?

Contributions and impact of the almost outdated iPhone 5

The company and its… Read More

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