Singapore's Burpple Now Allows Offline Uploads From Their App

Singapore’s Burpple has been busy implementing features in the past few months. The food-themed photo sharing app, or in other words Instagram for only food, had Instagram-like photo filters released last month. Now their iOS app allows offline uploads for photos. The idea behind going with offline uploads came from the team doing a lot of travelling with no 3G or limited mobile data access. It works by uploading photos and descriptions to Burpple boxes until you have an internet connection and it will then be automatically published. If you don’t like potentially dealing with roaming charges when travelling outside your home country, you can share your food photos to the service just by using your hotel’s wi-fi network.

Burpple also recently raised about $500,000 in seed funding and are still working on the Android version of their app. As mentioned earlier, it is becoming more of Instagram for food, so if you just like sharing your food pics socially, then Burpple is the way to go even though Instagram is still the most popular photo sharing app out today. If you still prefer Instagram, Burpple does allow users to also share those photos to Instagram and vice versa. Besides photo sharing, Burpple has similar features to Foursquare in terms of finding certain food and restaurants to eat at. Japanese and Chinese users also have localized versions of the app as well. Seeing Burpple’s success got me thinking whether or not photo sharing apps that cater to specific things have a future in social networking. It seems to me that people are just happy with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (sorry Goggle+) instead of trying something else. Even if they do try a different app like Path or Pinterest, they will stop using them in a month or two. Are people willing to add more of these apps to their everyday lives or are they rather to stick to one and where all their friends at like Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

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