Google Now Has Offices In The Philippines

Google continues their expansion of Southeast Asia by opening a new office in the Philippines. Located in Manila, this is the company’s fifth office in the whole region as their locations are in Singapore (their main headquarters of the region), Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It will be headed by Narciso Reyes, an experienced marketing executive of sixteen years who previously worked in Friendster and Komli. He has also been the head of sales in the Philippines, so leading Google’s operations over there seems like a no brainer. Google is currently hiring staff for the new office and more openings will be out there in the coming days. It is great that more job opportunities will out be there for those that are qualified and live in Manila.

Google’s main reason for having a presence at the Philippines is to have better engagement with the users, advertisers, and partners at that country according to their managing director at Southeast Asia Julian Persaud. Plus, the Internet population there has been increasing rapidly with over 33 million people actively using it. That number is expected to be doubled by the end of 2016. The Filipino government is also thrilled that the company is finally opening offices in hopes of increasing marketing efforts with local businesses. This was not the first big thing Google has done at the Philippines however. It was one of the locations for Free Zone, one of the early adopters of the now popular Chrome browser. Along with the new offices, the company is also busy at their other locations in Southeast Asia developing new data centers, specifically at Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. There is a potential 30 percent speed boost with the servers when they are done later this year. With the Philippines on lock, Google seems to have a dominating presence at the region now and who knows if other giant companies will follow suit with a similar expansion strategy.

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