Khoi Vinh’s Collage-Making App Mixel Acquired By Etsy

Etsy, the online crafts marketplace, has acquired the photo collage-making app Mixel, the company announced on Tuesday.

Mixel, first launched by Khoi Vinh in November 2011, allows users to collaboratively create, edit and share photo collages.  Mixel, at first an iPad app, had a slow start but rebounded after launching on the iPhone.  

khoi vinh and scott ostler
Khoi Vinh, the well-known former design director of the, will now assume the role of product design director for mobile at Etsy.   Scott Ostler, the co-founder of real-time image sharing site and co-founder of Lascaux Co., the parent company of Mixel, will be joining Etsy as well.  Mixel’s other two employees, software developer Akiva Leffert and designer Roy Stanfield, will also be joining Etsy's mobile team.

Mashable reported that Etsy acquired Mixel not as much for it’s product but for its team mentioned above.  Mixel's talented team was focused on mobile and design and this would give Etsy the talent to take charge of Etsy's mobile strategy going forward.

What does this mean for Mixel?  In a post on its website, Mixel said users can continue to use the app to make and download collages, but the app's social features will soon be phased out.

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