Microsoft's Bangalore Demo Day Recap

Microsoft recently hosted a demo day event for startups at Bangalore, India. Out of 200 potential startups pitching at the Microsoft Research and Development Centre there, only eleven of them are chosen for their Windows Azure accelerator program. These startups will now get the support and funding along with mentorships from inside or outside of India to take things to the next level. They spent four months in boot camp preparing for the demo day and exceeded some of Microsoft’s expectations. A brief description of the eleven Indian startups are below.

Amplyfy is a second screen experience when you are watching TV at India on your phone. More apps here at the United States have an experience similar to this, but it is nice to see India have one main app that makes users act more socially with others while watching their favorite TV shows. CloudInfra is a data collecting startup that now has a solution involving Unix shells to process huge amounts of data. HireRabbit is a two-man startup that focuses on recruiting through various social networks. Healthify is an app with a mobile calorie tracker and the ability to connect with gym instructors and dietitians socially outside the gym. Gameizon is a sports game video service with data and stats to follow along while watching. CiperGraph Networks is a startup that focuses on cloud security. NowFloats is basically Twitter for small businesses, but it used to be like Foursquare in terms of sharing where do you go  with other users. World Without Me allows users to have a digital afterlife by curating their life stories and store other important information such as passwords and key photos. Sparsha is a learning technology startup that wants to use on-screen simulation for various activities such as training and testing. Plustxt is a texting app available on pretty much every mobile platform from iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones. Lastly, White Shark is working on an app that combines Evernote and Basecamp into one called Gluepad that hopes to be released on iOS and Android later this year.

Out of these eleven startups, which one impressed you the most and has the potential to become a bigger company than they are currently? Let us know in the comments below.

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