Korean Accelerator SparkLabs Inaugurates Its First Class Of Startups

SparkLabs, the Korean startup accelerator, which over the summer revealed that it was starting a list of startups in its accelerator program, has officially announced their first inaugural class.

It has been since July when SparkLabs announced that it was opening and accepting applications for its three month program.  SparkLabs is founded on a mentorship model similar to Y-Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups. Like those US accelerators, SparkLabs class will have access to an elite and knowledgeable network where they can solicit valuable guidance, connections, and resources.

Besides mentoring the startups, the SparkLabs team has also been working on finalizing their organization, such as completing its honorary advisory board, which includes Mark Cuban and legendary computer scientist Vint Cerf, as well as Arizona State University president Michael Crow and Talko CEO Ray Ozzie.

What are the perks of SparkLabs inaugural class?  Each startup has a collaborative workplace to work in, perks courtesy of the Global Accelerator Network which consists of 50 top startup accelerators from around the world, and $25,000 in seed funding. See here for a full list of perks.  The perks and seed funding are nice but it is the networking and the business lessons they have learned over the summer that will be critical to some of the startups’ success.

Below are a list of SparkLab’s first class and links to their web site:

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