Village88 Makes Code Learning Accessible While Preparing You For Work

“I stopped looking for people with skill sets because they’re rare,” said Michael Choi, the founder of the learning community site Village88.

As a serial entrepreneur who interviewed many an aspiring software engineer for his own companies, he found that over 90% of them lacked the needed skill sets for the jobs he was hiring for.

Seeing the need for an online learning hub and business incubator to teach students essential programming skills often overlooked in college, Choi created the learning community named Village88.

Initially test run in the Philippines, Village88 opened to great fanfare.

Village88 began as a free service that offered a mentor, unlimited e-mail support, weekly scheduled learning labs, checked assignments, an end-of-the-course certificate and lastly, a job fair.

There were 4,500 people who signed up in only four months. As of this writing, people from a total of 107 countries checked in to the site for its courses.

With regards to the personalized attention given by the mentors on the site, Choi further asserts that although “it doesn’t scale, it’s much like Code Academy but better”.

"We're really helping them save anywhere from five to seven years of time by consolidating all these things that they need to know and delivering it with a personal mentor," he further revealed.

The model that the "village" initially took was that of a free learning service which recoups its running costs through the fees businesses pay to hire its certified graduates.

Although grateful testimonials from students were sweet rewards, those alone can not sustain a company with paid employees.

Choi added that recently, a shift is happening to the site considering that “a lot of Silicon Valley companies are not willing to hire people overseas”.

Adapting to such demands, Village88 now conducts on-site teaching courses in Mountain View designed to attract people from in and out of the Silicon Valley.

Only recently through, Village88 has conducted an HTML and HTML5 workshop at Hacker Dojo.

This coming October, Village88 has planned meetups for learning CSS, CSS3, JQuery and Ajax. As a learning community which first attracted a user base through a test run abroad, the village is also slated to potentially create jobs in the United States.

Village88 will also begin to charge for its courses as well.

However, their initial followers need not worry.

Choi assured that "for people in the Philippines, we're still going to leave it free for a few months to get students signed on and to deliver what we promised".

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Christopher Jon-Jon Padua: I love the way Village88 support us to learn more about web developing. I had so much fun learning in your platform.Thank you so much Village88.
Oct 14, 2012
Joyce Musni Jamon: I salute Village88 because of the wonderful kind experience and knowledge that they shared to me and to everyone. I also like to thank them for the time and kindness that they've spent to us. More Power Village88! You Rock!! Way to go! :D
Oct 10, 2012
Matet Layosa: Village88 is the most amazing learning center online. They have this free mentoring program that any other tutorial site don't have. Village88 boosts my confidence and interest in web development.
Oct 10, 2012
Richie Salvador: I am happy that I get the opportunity to learn with V88 and will continue to support you guys! I gained more confidence about myself and my web programming skills! You guys rock!
Oct 10, 2012
Paulo Jaceldo: Village88 is priceless! Second to none web software engineer mentoring! Hope they will reach out to more students and people who wants to learn web engineering!
Oct 09, 2012
Nelson Agamata: Village88 has a very accessible and open community. The mentors and students are very accomodating. They answer queries promptly and help you learn what you need to know to be a better web developer. Hope to learn more form your online tutorials in the coming days. Godspeed!
Oct 04, 2012
Laurel Jay Fadul: Your can learn everything on the web, but you will never find a mentor who is as friendly as on Village88 was. They make the best possible answer for your questions as you enjoy and understand it. That is the thing that makes Village88 no.1 for me..
Oct 04, 2012
Jay Blue: I've watched and read so many tutorials over the net, and they have only one purpose which is for us to learn and try what they have learned too. But the question there is that , can they provide you a mentor to check your work if it's done correctly? Do they have courses/assignments that would challenge your programming ability? Do they released/provide certifications for your work? Here on Village88, we can guarantee you a 100% YES answer for those questions. As a villager or one of the student of village88, I'm so glad and blessed enough that I've found this online learning site. It was an awesome experienced doing assignments together with your villagemates and mentor. Now, I'm confident enough with my programming skills which I could use as a tool/weapon for applying jobs. I'm so thankful to my co-villager and the mentor for their guidance and support. And also, thank you to Mr. Michael Choi, founder of village88, who shared his blessings to us, you helped us a lot.
Oct 02, 2012
Diana: I am not a programmer yet being part of Village88's humble beginning is something I will be thankful forever. Michael has taught countless things in running a business. His enthusiasm in learning and sharing influenced the team that built a culture of putting value on education and humility.
Oct 02, 2012
Telemarketer Gteleteam: Thank you Village88, Mike and KB. You are making people's dreams come true by giving free education and mentoring with out asking for anything else except for appreciating your profile pictures",)
Oct 02, 2012
Cryshin Dave: Village88 is a very awesome site! It has programming courses for you to work on and assignments to accomplish, and mentors to help and guide you. It is far the best training I ever had. It's phenomenal, after two months of training, I understand web development faster compared to four years in school.
Oct 02, 2012
Joseph C. Padua: V88 is living the realization of "changing the world through online education." It has institutionalized academic excellence in the form of online courses with the special participation of outstanding mentoring program. I have learned a lot in your different courses. I hope, it lives to it's testament of making it available to individuals with the right attitude,passion and dedication to learn it for FREE. Many thanks to V88 and kudos to your future endeavors.
Oct 02, 2012
Sheryl Recile Cabatay: Village88 has made me realized that I can learn web development even at home. Their online courses are equipped with great video tutorials, actual exercises/assignments, and personal mentors. In a span of few weeks, I was able to acquire new skills in programming!
Oct 02, 2012
Ryan Jan Borja: I threw all my skills and start as a fresh student at Village88 and believe me, I gained the right skills of a Programmer in just 2 months. Thank you Village88!!!
Oct 02, 2012
dexter: Village88 helps many people to build their career and sustain the lack of knowledge they need in their web developing career... im proud to say that im one of those many people they been helped.. THNK you Much Much V88!!!
Oct 02, 2012
jm bayzon: Learning... Village88 indeed is the place to be. thanks a lot for the things I learned in this particular LMS... with real quality and equipping you landing a job. Superb!
Oct 02, 2012
Mark Jireh Ascaño Guillen: In just a month and a half of training I already learned a lot! I learned how to write codes efficiently, how object oriented programming works, how to utilize a framework, and much more!
Oct 02, 2012
Mac Devin: This is really an intensive learning program. So far, I think this is the best LMS on the internet. The training can help a non-programmer to become a great programmer.
Oct 02, 2012
John David Abdullah: Thank you so much Village88 :) I am learning a lot from your courses
Oct 02, 2012

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