Top Asian American Food Blogs and Sites to Follow

Nothing like good food sometimes, to give you a sense of home.

Considering many Americans' contact with Asian culture is through food, it's high time to feature Asian American online food journals!

Here is but a humble list for our readers to enjoy.

This site shows non-standard fare such as a drink in a visible glass flask named "Porthole". There's a mention of "Korean style" lamb menudo, along with deep friend intestines with Chili. Aw don’t hate on exotic cuisine! Fear Factor re-runs has people eating tougher choices than that.    
A dreamer to the tune of ramen, Japanese American Keizo writes about his life in Japan. Yes, and with shameless ramen-eering.
A blog mentioned by New York Times and San Francisco chronicle. It's about Filipino food. It also contains a nice table of elements for this cuisine. The interface is quite formal and a little clean.       
Pig parts and beer is a staple for a Filipino man's drinking repertoire. You'll find it in funerals, impromptu beer guzzling sessions and good times in the bars.

This blog is done by 3 girls in LA. I wish they'd include Filipino street "tambay" (loitering by-stander) drinking tricks. But maybe not, it might be an indoor hazard in the States.
A blog by self-claimed NY expats residing in LA. This comes with a convenient restaurant guide for those visiting New York, Los Angeles and London, UK.
Its author, Anita, is a San Francisco based blogger of pastries with her own book released, titled “Field Guide to COOKIES” and “Field Guide to CANDY”. I like that her site has so much stuff in it, it warrants its own search bar where you type in a keyword and look stuff up.
The site’s author, Shao, is based in Philadelphia. Her site has an easy index of recipes.
A fellow Asian American who happens to work in corporate accounting shares her experiences in fine dining, happily eating in Michelin Star rated restaurants. Actually I just found out about what a Michelin Star is after reading her site.
Finally, a site with some video guides! Wok the Fok is a milder spin-off of the absolutely wasteful YouTube series, Epic Meal Time. It’s a little amusing. It’s like cooking mixed with some minor frat boy humor.
This site features Vietnamese food, by a married couple. They got some date night restaurant recommendations too.
Lastly, here is a food-culture and area-code specific blog which was created not too long after the area code lovin' 626 video came out. Thanks to Clarissa Wei for allowing me to feature their photos!

626 is an area code situated in San Gabriel Valley, which is within Los Angeles County. This area is home to many great food establishments which are visited by a lot of hip Asian Americans for the crowd, the treats and the memorable experiences.

This food blog is pretty up to date and solid, they even featured balut. I think I'm in love. There's even an interview with the Fung Brothers, who starred in the 626 dedication video themselves.  Peter Shen even wrote a blog about it!  True to its title, don’t you think so?!

To end this article, you can also peruse the photo posting site to spot restaurants and look at more exotic fare such as “live octopus”. It’s like 4chan for amateur food photographers.

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Ryan Oliver: The Fung Brothers are coming up with their own food show! The Fung Brothers Mess with Texas
Aug 16, 2012
Patty Keyuranggul: Gentlemen, I don't know how I didn't think of this before, but I had leftover italian beef from a party and I just stuck some kimchi in it and it is kind of awesome. I highly recommend it.
Jun 20, 2012
Ryan Oliver: No, Rilakkuma Bento thanks you. Ha ha. :)
Jun 17, 2012
Patty Keyuranggul: Thanks Ryan!
Jun 17, 2012
Ryan Oliver: Is Patty looking? Here here. Hope she doesn't see this! AND AND
Jun 17, 2012
Peter Shen: Any time I read about Asian food, makes me want to go out and eat some Asian food!
Jun 14, 2012
Ryan Oliver: That's so perceptive of you! Yea I remember that back in college in '09, had a school buddy who was totally into curry and bento.. total Japanese culture fanatic too. Wait awhile and I will grant us and the readers access to these bento blogs which we seek! I will post some here. There are obviously a lot of these out there, I'm going to have to sift for the good ones. Thank you Patty!
Jun 13, 2012
Patty Keyuranggul: You're missing a bento blog! It's all the rage!
Jun 12, 2012

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