YuMe, Video And Online Advertising Startup, Increases Its Reach

The startup YuMe soon may not be called a startup anymore.  Besides the fact that YuMe started in 2004, YuMe is now profitable unlike many startups and it has become one of the biggest players in online advertising.

YuMe is a video advertising technology company that makes professional video profitable for publishers and effective for advertisers. Its technology is called ACE and it powers both its premium ad network and its industry leading advertising management platform solution. YuMe aggregates video content, from over 600+ Premium publishers including MSNBC, NBC, Fox News, and Glam Media. YuMe’s reach includes 1.6 billion video streams, 90 million unique viewers, and serves over 30 million in-stream video ads per day.

YuMe is still a startup in a sense that it is not a traditional online advertising company like, Google, Yahoo, and even Apple, with its purchase of Quattro Wireless a couple years ago.  Plus YuMe is still a hot item in the world of venture capital.  They have raised over $75 million dollars in the last few years with the latest investment of $10 million from China-based investment firm WestSummit Capital.  And just last November they closed a $22 million strategic round led by Samsung Ventures.

YuMe was founded by Jayant Kadambi, who started the company in 2004, to deliver free, ad-supported Bollywood movies over the Internet to home televisions. Kadambi changed gears however when the market for video advertising was still in its infancy and perhaps realizing Bollywood, despite gaining popularity, was still limited in its reach in the western world.

YuMe is based in Redwood City, California but also has offices in New York, Chicago, and India.  The number of employees is now in the low hundreds.

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