KurbKarma, The Social Network Mobile Parking App, That Pays With Karma

Heading out for a movie, shopping, food or even errands can become a headache when it comes to parking.  Many of us have found ourselves circling the block, or parking garage, over and over again until we almost want to give up on the planned activity and go home. Well, now there is an app to relieve the headache of parking.

KurbKarma is a social networking mobile app that connects you with people who are leaving their parking spot.  As they leave they make their spots available on the map, and a driver circling the area can see the now available spot. The parking seeker then makes a request to take the spot, and the driver leaving the spot picks a lucky spot receiver (if there is more than one). The person giving the spot will receive a “KarmaKredit”, while the person taking the spot gets it with two KarmaKredits.

This app not only reaches to your practicality but also to your morals. It works if there is a community effort to solve issues of parking and time saving. But it’s not all about charity and goodwill: KurbKarma has also started to work a revenue model into the business, in the form of a virtual currency. You can always use the app free of charge, but if you have not had the chance to pick up KarmaKredits by offering spaces to the network, you can buy some through the App Store, with each credit costing $0.99. The app is free in the Apple App Store, and every new user gets 10 free KarmaKredits for signing up.

KurbKarma was founded by friends Neha Sampat and Matthew Baier. Co-founder Neha Sampat's efforts to solve parking issues took a leap when KurbKarma launched in New York and San Francisco on May 22, 2012. Sampat is a Bay Area, CA native with a BA from Santa Clara University, and a MBA from University of Denver. Being from a metropolitan city and even attending college in one, she knows firsthand the nightmares of parking. With her “just do it” personality she set out to solve this issue.

KurbKarma, is now available in the Apple App Store, but stay tuned for expansion. There are also some future developments planned for KurbKarma to launch with an Android version, as well as discussions with GPS system producers. In addition, KurbKarma was chosen as a Startup Battlefield finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in May 2012. Maybe there is hope for parking to be less stressful!

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Amber K. Tsai: This will save so much time and so much frustration for the majority of drivers out there.. Great idea.
Jun 04, 2012
Samantha Gordon: Genius!!!
Jun 02, 2012
Martha Nuckolls: This app would be very useful!! Parking in our popular downtown area in Walnut Creek, CA can be a stressful experience and an app like this would save a lot of time and effort!
Jun 01, 2012
Anna: If you are a professional living in an urban cosmopolitan like SF or LA traffic and PARKING are major roadblocks to productivity. Something like this could really release a major burden, even more so than time management apps, etc.. Thank you for keeping me informed!
May 31, 2012
Tayler: I am definitely going to give this app a try.. Well worth .99 cents!
May 31, 2012
Mehran Tahir: I have spent so much time circling various blocks in SF looking for parking. This can be really helpful. I hope a lot of people get this app.
May 30, 2012
Peter Shen: I think this app and idea is really awesome. The only thing I am not sure about is will enough people take part in this. At the end of the day, it is a social network and you need enough people to participate to make it work. That said, I definitely would use it because living in Chicago, parking is a b*tch, as we say. And when parking is this bad, there is an incentive to accumulate the karma points to get your parking spot or even buy it for a measly one dollar. Again I think this is a really cool app.
May 30, 2012
Daud: Haha this sounds too good to be true!! I shall check it out for sure! Mehehehe..
May 30, 2012
Marissa: really want this app !! it will help me out so much !
May 29, 2012
j.burke: I hate parking after finally reaching my destination! And normally the spot is days away and I hate walking that far! Glad that there's a new coolio app that can help me!!
May 29, 2012
Yusuf: This be some interesting. Although, it sounds amazingly convenient, i am afraid it would fail to function properly in the practical world. Honestly speaking, how many people would bother telling others about their parking spots? Nonetheless it be cool and awn and jolly! :D
May 29, 2012

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