Face Off: Avengers, Dark Knight, and Princess Merida

Box Office Fantasy

My husband is in a Box Office Fantasy League.  Yes, you read that right.  And it is exactly what it sounds like: a fantasy league where participants “draft” upcoming summer films and predict how they will do at the box office.  Points are based on various factors such as profitablity, whether the film makes the top 3 for that weekend, or if the film loses money.


I realize that I’m exposing another dimension of tomgeekery on my husband’s part, but what can I say? That’s his gig.  And we have friends in LA who we sorely miss.  I’m thankful for art + tech + entertainment (=box office fantasy league) that helps us keep in touch.


You would think that my husband would be at a disadvantage since we are in Chicago and everyone else in the league is in LA and works in the industry.  Add to that a demanding day job, the compulsion to write daily, and a family and you might think that our ability to keep up would be limited.

While my husband has not yet reached the point of technological singularity, he does hold his own down-home opinions about the upcoming slate of films.  Take for example his take below on which comic book tent-pole film is going to do better at the box office – The Avengers or Dark Knight Rises:


“I know The Dark Knight made $500 million last year and will again. But in the end, I thinkAvengers will top Dark Knight Rises.  My metric?  Two boys ages 5 and 7.  I use proprietary software that utilizes an algorithm predicting spikes in disposable income given to fathers by mothers who just want their bored brats out of the house. The data suggests this demo will see Avengers again and again, but not so for Dark Knight.  Thor, Ironman and Captain America fighting off “David Bowie” is just more family friendly than football players being detonated on a field. The software also measures the rising parental guilt from wanting to take their children to a flick (or two) rather than, you know, toss a baseball, go to the playground or library…(again did I mention this is proprietary?) Of course, I’m in it to win it.  Why do you think I paid out for Brave?  My metric?  Again, a two boys ages 5 and 7…who definitely need to see that girls can kick ass too.”


Originally posted on ThirdAmericanHome.com.

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Peter Shen: Patty/Jeremy, I saw Avengers yesterday. For the matinee price I got, it was well worth it! My nephew liked it so much he came with me for his second viewing!
May 31, 2012
Patty Keyuranggul: Marvel had a truly well planned creative and marketing plan that took a lot of risks (Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau, Kenneth Brannagh),made some mistakes (Hulk) and was persistent enough to see success. I thought it was brilliant that even though The Avengers always existed, they won over a new and diverse fan base for each individual character before releasing Avengers. You know it's good when loyal (comic) book fans are happy with the movie! Now if only DC Comics can get their act together . . . PS- Peter,if you watch it on the big screen, you'll thank us later.
May 21, 2012
Jeremy Blum: you should def check it out, Peter. great film, even if you don't usually watch superhero flicks...see it in imax if you can. (and i'd watch Thor and Captain America beforehand if you can as well, since having seen those will make Avengers a lot easier to understand at first...)
May 20, 2012
Peter Shen: Man this means I need to see both. EVERYONE has been saying the Avengers is a must see. Even my brother-in-law who doesn't go to movies often says it is a must. I guess I have to put it in my calendar this week!
May 20, 2012
Jeremy Blum: Interesting post... I'm looking forward to the dark knight rises, which I think will make a ton of money, but I'm not sure if it'll beat the avengers. I think the dark knights huge box office numbers were helped by a few things, least of which was Heath ledgers unfortunate death. It'll be interesting to see if the sequel can replicate that success, coming so soon after avengers. If anyone can do it tho, its batman and Christopher Nolan, so we'll see.
May 19, 2012

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