"The A-Style" - An All Asian American Reality Show

While reality shows have been and still are the lifeblood for would-be failing television networks, there have been few, if any, that were marketed strictly for the Asian-American audience. The reputation of this TV genre of course has been smeared over the years with accusations of producer “input” and scripted scenes, but the success of some of these shows is undeniable.

Reality TV, much like a chameleon, often changes its appearance for a target audience in mind, but have any actually supported an all-Asian cast? For any Asian American out there who is sick and tired of watching their favorite Asian idols be voted off various programs, your show is finally here. Enter “The A-Style”.

Set in New York, “The A-Style” follows eight Asian Americans as they struggle to make their dreams reality in the ruthless entertainment biz. “All the stereotypes and preconceived notions that Asian Americans are only small business owners, dentists, nerdy number crunchers, etc… will be broken.”

These very talented individuals, ranging from rapper to pageant model each represent a unique facet of the entertainment industry. How the producers plan to organize the competition is still unknown, but we know that each event will be evaluated under the observant eye of entertainment manager, Sondra Anderson aka “Poyzen”.

Born in South Korea, Sondra was adopted at the age of two and raised by an American family. Despite her Western upbringing, she still managed to cultivate a love for her Asian heritage and fused it with her flair for the arts. Now a notable talent manager, Sondra believes one of her chosen contestants is a real star and she is ready to stake her reputation on it.

Will “The A-Style” take flight and soar with the support of an Asian-American audience or will it join the junkyard of other has-been shows that sputtered, smoked and croaked after takeoff?

Tune in on May 15th (channel APA) and decide for yourself. 

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Jeremy Blum: the show looks ok. but i can't help but wonder if it'll last or even take off beyond the pilot episode. i'm still waiting for that asian jersey shore "K-Town" that was supposedly funded by Tyrese and had a lot of buzz back in late 2010 but has now disappeared off the face of the earth. what happened to that?
May 15, 2012
Peter Shen: I wish them well but personally I like them to add more range in personalities/characters. They are all entertainers and frankly I rather see more like a struggling college student, professional, entrepreneur, etc.
May 15, 2012
Ryan Oliver: Danielle is my favorite. I found about this too 2 weeks ago. I think if they featured Aye Hasegawa as a dancer that would rock so hard it would make me want to buy shaved ice from the 626.
May 14, 2012

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